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Further Education

CIA World Factbook: This website provides information and updated statistics about all the nations of the world and their international relations with other countries. A documentary channel about historical events. They also provide HISTORY Education, which showcases resources for parents and teachers including “This Day in History,” History Ideas, study guides, podcasts, and films. 

Scholarships and Student Programs

CIA Student Programs: This includes fellowships, scholarship programs, undergraduate programs, and graduate programs for young people interested in national service, finance, economics, foreign language, engineering, informative technology, digital innovation, and analytical sciences. 


Foreign Exchange Programs

AFS-USA: Provides study abroad programs, foreign exchange programs, hosting, and volunteer opportunities between citizens of the United States and over 45 other nations.

Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study: Allows students aged 15-18.5 in the United States to spend an academic year studying in primarily Muslim countries through the U.S. Department of State. 65 students are selected annually to take part in these programs.  

United States Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs: Provides resources to find foreign exchange programs for students and professionals of all ages and purposes. 

ISEP Study Abroad: Provides programs in 50+ countries for students to study, intern, or volunteer abroad. It includes programs with a focus on different academic areas such as STEM, business, social sciences, and international relations. 

Travel Programs

Global Work and Travel: Provides international opportunities to work, intern, volunteer, au pair, teach, camp, or tutor in another nation. 

Go Abroad Adventure Travel: Provides short trips and programs for people of all ages to study, volunteer, intern, and teach abroad. They also match clients with TEFL courses, degrees abroad, adventure travel, language schools, and high school foreign exchange programs. 

Go Overseas Gap Year Programs: Offers opportunities for different durations of gap year programs for young adults. This includes volunteering, working, interning, or simply traveling to destinations around the world. 

EF Tours: These are trips specifically geared towards students to visit and learn about new countries with a tour guide. Tours can be language, culture, and STEM based.


Open Counseling International Suicide and Emergency Hotline: Provides the suicide hotline for most nations. 

Together We Are Strong Hotlines: Includes several mental health hotlines in multiple nations, including suicide hotlines, depression hotlines, eating disorder hotlines, grief support, rape and sexual assault, and child abuse hotlines, among others.

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