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The Compass Literary Magazine
Issue 3: January 2023


Whose Calendar by Tracy Zeng

Shalom, baruch haba by Tracy Zeng

Refugees in the Park by Tracy Zeng

When my Mother was an Elephant by Bryana Lorenzo

I Look at the Clouds After My Grandma Dies by Karen Zheng

always by Karen Zheng

the landlady by Julia Kuniewicz

temporary comebacks (home) by Julia Kuniewicz

Shades of Life by Aroshee Gandhi

What it feels like by Vishvi Aurora

The World Outside My Window by Sai Harshitha M.

The Enigma by Sai Harshitha M.

Cork by Gary Allen

Blue lips by Gary Allen

Child of my Heart by Shredha Narayanan

Seasons of Change by Stuti Sinha

Dial it Down by Maëlle Leggiadro

Little Deaths by Maëlle Leggiadro

The Multiple Me by Maëlle Leggiadro

Executive Director's Note

We all made it to the year 2023. I want to wish everybody a happy New Year, filled with writing and sharing experiences with one another. Here is our third issue, filled with a diverse arrangement of pieces chronicling various cultures. 

The Compass team would like to congratulate all contributors for being a part of our works this year and for our readers who give writers an opportunity to make their voices heard. This issue delves into social issues, feelings of unbelonging, love, and traditions. As we begin 2023, it is time to use these pieces as reflection for how we can move forward in our lives to find our place in the world. 


We want to use this issue as a gateway to expanding our offerings, finding unique voices, and reaching readers in a pivotal nature. Our goal is to expand mindsets, expose different lifestyles, and make readers contemplate their role in the world. 

Check out the beautiful compilation of writings in our third issue. I hope you will take the time to read what the content of the magazine has to offer. This issue has so much to read, so much to ponder and so much to learn.

- Kate Wexell, Founder and Executive Director


Kate Wexell, Founder and Executive Director

Lubna Khanam, Editor and Submission Reader




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