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The Compass Literary Magazine
Issue 4: March 2023


The Simmered Seas by Daniel Moreschi

To Mr. Ali on His Fifty-Secondth Eid by Shamik Banerjee

The Saffron Hermits by Shamik Banerjee

The Pot-Bearers by Shamik Banerjee

Pride is a Lonely Station by Michael Shoemaker

Moonshine on Water by Michael Shoemaker

Verona Shortbread by D'mitry Lewman

Shared by Sabine Plummer

Proust by Adam Walters

Love Poem by D'mitry Lewman

A girl by D'mitry Lewman

PHOTOGRAPHS by Vishvi Aurora

Give, and they take it like it was a piece of cake by Vishvi Aurora

Stolen Memories by Timothy Jay Smith

Stone Coffin by Patricia Walsh 

Solar Bones by Patricia Walsh

Let That Be Your Last Battlefield by Patricia Walsh

Be protective by Aroshee Gandhi

Away from judgements by Aroshee Gandhi

a personal loss of love by Aaron Foster

[Title in Progress] by Emily Popa

Executive Director's Note

Now that spring has arisen, our latest publication is filled with new growth, ideas, and sharing experiences with one another. Thank you for submitting to our fourth issue with a wide variety of pieces and experiences. 

The Compass team would like to congratulate all contributors for being a part of our works this year and for our readers who give writers an opportunity to make their voices heard. This issue delves into social issues, feelings of unbelonging, love, and traditions. As our goals increase throughout 2023, it is time to use these pieces as reflection for how we can move forward in our lives to find our place in the world. 

We want to use this issue as a gateway to expanding our offerings, finding unique voices, and reaching readers in a pivotal nature. Our goal is to expand mindsets, expose different lifestyles, and make readers contemplate their role in the world. 

Check out the beautiful compilation of writings in our fourth issue. This edition features writing from diverse backgrounds and authors from five countries. I hope you will take the time to read what the content of the magazine has to offer. This issue has so much to read, so much to ponder and so much to learn.

- Kate Wexell, Founder and Executive Director


Kate Wexell, Founder and Executive Director

Lubna Khanam, Editor and Submission Reader




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