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The Compass Literary Magazine
Issue 2: January 2022


Appreciate life always by Dr. Anoushka Rai

Be in a happy promise by Shredha Narayanan

Hammering My Depression by Saptarshi Bhowmick

Humanized Countryside by Saptarshi Bhowmick

As I used to eat the Morning Mist by Saptarshi Bhowmick

COVID-19 I am not ok by Amandeep Kaur

Night Light by John Lemon

Oh Nature, how beautiful you are! by Saranya Reddy

Night Scars You by Ambirneya Kannan

Life's Glory - Childhood by Sai Harshitha M

The Emerald Stars - Falling Foliage by Sai Harshitha M

The Little Sheets of Rain by Sai Harshita M

Seasons of Metanoia by Julie Arenas-Antonio

Letters to the skies... by Debdip Maitra 

Prose and Creative Non-fiction

Freedom from Speech by Youbin Park

SAUDADE by Dishari Neogy

Sounding Her Arrival by Arya Jash

Call of Destiny by Angandeep Chatterjee

Choice by Dr. Kanu Tiwari

Editor's Note

We all made it to the year 2022. I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year! May your year be filled with love, hope, grace, and gratitude. A new year provides us with an opportunity to rekindle our excitement for pursuing our goals and objectives. Here is our second issue, which reflects and focuses on heartwarming and exceptional content.


Winter and the holiday season brings fresh ideas and energy to life, resulting in an increase in innovation and opportunities for experimentation. Writing is perilous, and publishing is much more so. Writing is a translation of words ready to be shared. Writing may be revolutionary, revitalizing, and uniting.


At the time of this writing, our previous issue has been read all over the world extensively, and with this edition, we are poised to significantly expand our reach. This volume features the voices of contemporary poets and authors. We have also worked tirelessly to foster worldwide cultural understanding. We have already shared information about countries and religions on our website. We constantly share articles and informative pieces as well.


Now it’s time to congratulate the entire team of The Compass for bringing another stunning issue for our readers. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our contributors and readers because without you there is no journal.


Check out the beautiful compilation of writings in our second issue. I hope you will take the time to read what the content of the magazine has to offer. This issue has so much to read, so much to ponder and so much to learn.

-Lubna Khanam, Editor-in-Chief


Kate Wexell, Founder and Executive Director

Lubna Khanam, Editor and Submission Reader

Mandeep Kaur, Submission Reader

Olivia Delgado, Submission Reader




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